Office for Intergroup Dialogue and Civil Community

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The Office for Intergroup Dialogue and Civil Community supports campus efforts to foster an inclusive, welcoming campus culture through:

  • Sustained dialogues between and among diverse social identity groups that foster alliances and collective action to promote equality and combat prejudice
  • Partnerships that promote civility, collegiality and civil discourse among all community members.

As suggested by our name, the Office for Intergroup Dialogue and Civil Community (IGD/CC) has two primary functions:

Intergroup Dialogue.  In partnership with many others, IGD/CC leads efforts to develop and sustain a campus-wide Intergroup Dialogue program.  Intergroup dialogues involve structured, sustained, face-to-face meetings of individuals representing two or more social identity groups who have a history of conflict or potential conflict.  They are intended to foster increased understanding of commonalities and differences between and among groups, develop dialogue skills to better communicate and work through conflicts, and form alliances and empower groups and individuals to take collective action for social change.   IUPUI's IGD Initiative is broad-based, encompassing efforts to incorporate IGD pedagogy, practices and principles into undergraduate, graduate and professional curriculum, student co-curricular learning, research, staff and faculty professional development, and community engagement. 

Click here for further details about the IUPUI Intergroup Dialogue Initiative.

Civil Community.   IGD/CC partners with other offices, departments and individuals to develop and support campus-wide initiatives and programs that foster and improve the campus climate for civility, collegiality and civil discourse.  The Office has been a principal supporter and leader in the implementation of the 2013-15 IUPUI Common Theme: Find Your Voice, Hear My Voice: Creating Civil Conversation, and will play a role in sustaining the theme's legacy of using civil discourse to engage the campus community in conversations on important, meaningful and often difficult social, cultural and institutional issues.  The Office does this, in part, by partnering with others to develop and facilitate public forums on issues of mutual concern among campus constituents.  It also supports and facilitates educational opportunities for campus members to develop skills and competencies in dialogue, civil discourse and conflict resolution. 

The IGD/CC Office can support the fulfillment of a number of strategic initiatives of the IUPUI Strategic Plan, including:

Promote an Inclusive Campus Culture.  A primary purpose of the campus IGD Initiative and Office is to "support efforts that promote research, practice, and teaching focused on cultural diversity and social justice." (Strategic action 9)  Intergroup dialogues provide "high impact curricular and co-curricular experiences" for students "to enhance cross-cultural knowledge, understanding, attitudes, and skills as well as awareness of social justice issues and civic responsibility." (Strategic action 3)  IGD is also among IUPUI initiatives "that support ongoing improvement of faculty and staff members' cultural literacy." (Strategic action 2)

Develop Faculty and Staff.  Through processes that promote open dialogue on important and often difficult issues affecting campus culture, work and life, the IGD/CC Office is uniquely poised to help lead campus efforts to "establish a tradition of communication among staff, administration, and faculty to encourage open dialogue among all members of the campus community [and] to foster staff and faculty advocacy and communication with campus administration."  (Strategic action 10)

Strengthen Internationalization Efforts.  IGD's focus on dialogues that increase understanding of cultural differences supports IUPUI's efforts to "make it possible for any IUPUI undergraduate or graduate student to have at least one meaningful international experience during his or her IUPUI career" (Strategic Action 2)

Leverage Our Strengths in Health and Life Sciences.  IGD's focus on fostering understanding across differences based on status, position and professional standing supports IUPUI's efforts to "promote excellence in. . . interprofessional health education and practice." (Strategic Action 11)

The IGD/CC Steering Committee:

  • Provides leadership and advice to the IGD/CC Office to:
    • Develop and promote IGD/CC programs and initiatives;
    • Identify ways that intergroup dialogue practices, principles and pedagogy can be incorporated into curriculum and within various programs, initiatives and disciplines across campus; and
    • Support efforts to establish IUPUI as a sustained "civil community."
  • Assists the IGD/CC Office with gaining access to campus leaders, administrators, faculty, work units and community partners to promote and develop programs in support of IGD/CC strategic directions, initiatives, and programs.

Office for Intergroup Dialogue and Civil Community

IUPUI Administration Building 109A
355 Lansing Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202-2896

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